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Travel Insurance for Thailand

There is plenty to do in Thailand, and Holiday Extras' generous travel cover can help you to make the most of your time in one of the world's friendliest countries. Whether you choose Bangkok, or a northern city like Chiang Mai, our baggage cover will help you relax during your trip. If you're feeling more adventurous, and decide to venture off the beaten track, all of our travel insurance policies include additional activity cover and medical cover, to ensure that declared pre-existing conditions won't impact your holiday.

There are a number of countries for which travel insurance is mandatory in order to get past border control. These include places like Russia, the USA, Abu Dhabi, and countries within the Schengen zone. Currently, travel insurance is not a mandatory for entrance into Thailand.

Why choose Holiday Extras?

  • - Voted best insurance provider 11 years running.
  • - Policies with no excess available.
  • - UK based contact centre and 24/7 helpline.
  • - No maximum age on single trip policies.
  • - Over 25 years experience selling Travel Insurance.

The right Thailand Travel Insurance for you

Getting cover for your trip to Thailand need not be expensive or stressful. We like to think of ourselves as a fairly straightforward company maintaining our core values, and we feel that the same principles should be applied to when you buy holiday insurance. We have just two policies, with four levels of cover: single-trip or annual multi-trip insurance; bronze, silver, gold and platinum.

Baggage cover
Cancellation cover
Medical cover
£5 million
£10 million
£10 million
£10 million
Excess charge
Personal money, Passport,

gadget & wedding cover


Holiday Extras worldwide travel insurance gives you complete peace of mind, with generous excess provided for most covers, including medical expenses. If you plan to make multiple trips our annual policy could be the perfect option.

Booking your policy for worldwide travel

Booking is quick and easy, whether you choose to do so online or via our UK call centre. For extra help, our call centre operatives are delighted to oblige.

Policy Excess

Most insurers require a certain amount to be paid for a claim to be considered: this is called the policy excess. The excess on Holiday Extras policies range from around £75-£100, with many sections of our cover requiring no excess at all. If you would prefer to avoid paying the excess for all of the sections of cover, we suggest adding the excess waiver to your policy.


If you're like us and favour pleasure over business, then you will need to get a tourist visa so you can stay in Thailand for a period of 15 or 30 days. We would stress that Thailand's visa requirements are prone to change, so depending on the nature of your trip, check the latest rules and leave plenty of time for your application to go through!


Thailand trades in the Thai baht. The country is inexpensive to visit thanks to advantageous foreign currency exchanges, but you should still shop around for the best rate in advance.

At Holiday Extras, we're all about making sure every aspect of your holiday is fuss-free. Partnered with FairFX, we can ensure your hard-earned pennies are protected by the very best exchange rates on the market. Rather than going out of your way to the nearest Bureau de Change, you can get hard-cold cash delivered directly to your door for that added peace of mind!

Health - The World Health Organisation recommends a variety of vaccinations for travel to Thailand, including Typhoid and Rabies. Consult with your GP beforehand to ensure that you have all the inoculations that you need, as our medical cover will not protect you from conditions that you should have been immunised against.

Advice for trips to Thailand

Is Thailand safe?

Thailand is largely a safe place to visit, and exercising a little common sense will keep you out of most trouble. In urban areas like Bangkok and Chiang Mai, there is an active underground drug sex trade run by criminal organisations that generally place little value on human life. Obviously, getting involved in any way with that kind of shady business will come with very high risks, and is generally not a good idea. Steer clear of such activities and you should have no worries.

Bag snatching - again, in the urban areas, bag snatching has been known to happen. Usually the thieves will operate in pairs - one person driving the scooter while the other reaches out and grabs the bag from the unsuspecting victim. If this happens to you, it's best just give up the bag, as the thieves will have no problem dragging you along until the bag strap breaks. Leave valuables like your passport, large sums of cash and bank cards in the hotel safe, and carry your phone and other gadgets in your pocket rather than in your bag.

If this unfortunate situation arises for you, we have gadget cover to protect your devices from thieves!

Using ATMS - It's advised to only use ATMs inside banks or shopping malls, as card-skimming is very common in the tourist hotspots. Wherever possible, stick to using cash over cards, as credit card fraud in certain tourist areas is not uncommon.

Border scams - If you're travelling to Thailand overland from a neighbouring country, then you may encounter people trying to sell you a "VIP" service when crossing the border. This is in fact nothing more than a visa that costs $20-30 more than it should. If you're travelling with a tour bus, sometimes tour bus staff will try to ply you with this scam. The best thing is to refuse and just go through customs on your own.

Tuk tuks - Tuk tuks are a novel way to travel around the city, but be aware that it's not the cheapest means of travel, and sometimes, drivers in the popular tourist spots will try to scam you. It's always best to agree on a fixed price before getting on the tuk tuk. Don't be afraid to barter for a cheaper rate as often the first price the driver gives is two or three times higher than it should be.

A common tuk tuk scam usually occurs when you're en route to a famous tourist location. You might be on your way to the Grand Palace or the Wat Arun when a tuk tuk driver stops to inform you that the site you're intending to visit is closed for maintenance. He'll then kindly suggest a new destination, to which he's willing to take you, for a fee of course.

In fact, the place you originally wanted to visit is not closed, and the tuk tuk driver is simply working on a commission basis for the other location he has suggested to you. It's usually best to just politely ignore the suggestion and carry on to wherever it was you originally planned to go.


Thailand is famous as being one of the most affordable holiday destinations in the world, and this is certainly true when it comes to food and accommodation costs.

Just how much you want to spend on accommodation is really down to you. Depending on when you decide, to go, it's possible to get some very good deals on accommodation. If you're travelling on a budget, a private room in a Bangkok hostel can cost as little as £6 per night. These prices however, aren't always advised online and it's only possible to get rooms this cheap by being in the city and booking in person. For this reason, a lot of travellers prefer to book only a couple nights accommodation in advance, and then find these cheap deals on rooms after they have arrived in Thailand.

If you'd prefer to treat yourself to a more luxurious experience, then it's possible to find deals on rooms in 5-star hotels, for as little as £60 per night, during the low season.

Top attractions in Thailand

  • Learn to scuba dive in Ko Tao, an idyllic island in the south of Thailand.
  • Dance on the sands of Ko Pha-Ngan, home to the legendary Full Moon parties - the biggest beach parties in the world.
  • Cook up a storm in Chiang Mai, where secret Thai spices are revealed in abundance.
  • Watch, or even participate in, Muay Thai - a martial art honed on the streets of Bangkok.
  • Ride elephants or bathe in waterfalls during a jungle trek in the Mae Hong Son Province.

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