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Travel across Europe with fully comprehensive cover starting from just £13.95* per week

The best holiday insurance for travelling to Europe

Explore Europe and discover sun, stunning landscapes and remarkable cultural diversity. Before you set off, be sure to pack a Holiday Extras' holiday insurance policy to guarantee hassle-free travels around Europe. Once you've booked you'll benefit from a policy level of your choosing, which will offer reassuring cover tailored to your trip. If you are travelling with any medical conditions we can provide you with the insurance that you need, at excellent value. And if your trip includes extreme sports, like white water rafting or skiing in the Alps, we'll be able to arrange extra cover.

Cover for European travel with Holiday Extras

We've got two types of policy to choose from. You can book great value european travel insurance for a single trip of up to 365 days with varying levels of cover to suit your budget. If you plan to travel more than twice this year, we'd always recommend our annual travel insurance policy. It's cost effective and provides the maximum levels of the cover for an unlimited amount of trips across 12 months - just make sure each trip does not exceed 90 days!.

Do I still need travel insurance if I have an EHIC card?

A European health insurance card (or EHIC card) is a provision available to all citizens of participating European countries that entitles you to the same level of state provided medical care as a person living in the country you’re visiting.

While it is indeed very helpful to have an EHIC card, it may not always provide as much cover as a fully comprehensive european travel insurance policy. This is because the exact medical cover you can expect to receive with an EHIC card will vary from country to country, and in many cases you will still be expected to pay at least part of the medical bill. Under and EHIC card you are not insured for repatriation back to your home country should the need arise, and repatriation can be very costly.

What's more, an Ehic card won't cover you for other possible eventualities such as lost luggage,missed flights,end supplier failure or cover for your gadgets and tech.

What is classed as European travel?

Before you go ahead and book your european travel insurance policy, it's always wise to find out if the destination is classed as within Europe or not. While it may be obvious that countries like France, Germany and Spain all come under European cover, for countries like Greece, Russia and Turkey, the categorisation can vary from insurer to insurer. If you are unsure as to whether your holiday destination is classed as within Europe or not, simply fill out the quote form on the left, entering the destination to be given an accurate quote.

Booking your European holiday insurance policy

Choosing one of our great policies is the only difficult bit because booking is so quick and easy. You can book with us online or via our UK-based call centre. Simply place a free call to our helpline or fill in the quote form above to compare our cover levels. Once you have chosen you can extend your European travel insurance policy to include cover for extra activities like skiing, golf or even a cruise.

Great news! Children aged under 18 in your group will be covered for free, when accompanied by an adult. This means even more savings on top of your family travel insurance.

Lower rates for travel to Europe

With Holiday Extras, you can take advantage of lower costs for travel to European countries, and you'll still receive maximum protection from unforeseen events. You can choose from two levels of cover depending on your destination: Europe, either including or excluding Spain, Cyprus, Malta and Turkey. The higher costs for the latter policy are still great value, and reflect the increased cost of medical expenses in those countries.

Top European activities

  • Enjoy the spectacular scenery like never before - by horse! Our favourite horse riding destination is Italy, where you can pass by ancient villages, along rugged mountain lanes and beside beautiful vineyards.
  • Europe is cycle crazy, so pedal from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean Coast in France, or tackle the scenic flats of the Netherlands.
  • Leave the beaten track and spot the Northern Lights in Finland. You can hike through the wilderness or stay in a relaxing village near to the Russian border to experience one of the most wondrous sights known to man.

*Prices based on 1 person aged 27 with no pre-existing medical conditions, travelling to Europe excl. Spain/Cyprus/Malta from 23/08/18 until 30/08/18. Price correct as of June 2018.

**Price based on 1 person aged 27 with no pre-existing medical conditions, travelling to Europe from 22/6/18 until 21/06/19. Price correct as of June 2018.