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Croatia travel insurance

Whether you're lazing on the sun-baked shores of Split or kite-surfing in the Kvarner bay, you'll want comprehensive, reliable travel insurance for greater peace of mind and to enjoy your trip to the full.

Here's what you can expect from Holiday Extras travel insurance policies:

Up to £10 million medical cover - Should you be taken ill or sustain an injury, we'll foot the bill for the medical costs, meaning you won't need to worry about the cost of any emergency medical treatment

Up to £5000 cancellation cover - This means you won't be left at a loss if you have no choice but to cancel your trip

Up to £2000 personal possessions cover - this provides protection for your baggage and personal belongings from theft and loss.

24/7 helpline - You'll have access to a friendly support team on hand around the clock.

Cover for missed flights, lost passports and much more.

What about pre-existing medical conditions?

Here at holiday extras, we believe that everyone should be able to benefit from comprehensive travel insurance at a reasonable rate. We've worked hard to provide fairly priced travel insurance for those with pre-existing medical conditions. Just complete the brief online screening process to receive a quote tailored to your needs.

Looking for holiday inspiration?

Things to do in Croatia...

Visit Dolan market - Situated at the centre of the city, Zagreb's famed farmers market is truly worth visiting, not only for the local produce on offer, but also to experience a mercantile tradition that has been alive for over 100 years.

Take a trip to the Plitvice Lakes - Located roughly 80 miles south of Zagreb, in central Croatia, the Plitvice Lakes National Park is a beautiful forest reserve known for it's limestone canyon, waterfalls and 16 terraced lakes. With numerous hiking trials and opportunities for adventure sports, it's the perfect location for a more active holiday.

Explore the ancient city of Dubrovnik - with an eclectic architecture ranging from baroque, to renaissance to gothic style as well as some of the most attractive beaches along the Adriatic coast, Dubrovnik should be top of the list of Croatian cities to check out

What to eat and drink in Croatia

Croatian cuisine is rich and diverse, with each region having it's own distinct culinary style and signature.

Pasticada steak - Often dubbed the "Queen of Dalmatian cuisine", Pasticada is a simple, hearty dish of baby beef stake fillet, marinated in wine vinegar, slow braised in red wine, and served with gnocchi.

Buzara shellfish - a method of preparing shellfish widely used in coastal Croatia. The crustaceans are briefly cooked in white wine with garlic, parsley and breadcrumbs, before adding tomato paste to the mix.

>Mantra soup - a hearty bean soup hailing from the Istrian region, manestra is slow cooked for hours on low heat with pancetta, garlic, parsley and other cured meats.

Strukli - a delicious pastry dish filled with cottage cheese and sour cream and baked in the oven, strukli is the ultimate croatian comfort food and a definite must-try.

Medvedgrad craft beer - be sure to grab a bottle of this delicious Croatian brewed craft beer. With many varieties from Black india pale ale style to belgian inspired wheat beers.

Basic Croatian greetings

Hello - Bok

Goodbye - Dovidenja (Doh-vee-jeh-nyah)

Please - Molim

Thank you - Hvala (Hvah-lah)

Cheers - Zivjeli (Zhee-ve-lee)

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