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Travel Insurance Denmark

Soak in the sights of Copenhagen and more, take a look at our comprehensive European policies starting from *

With stately castles, rugged wild lands, and bustling trendy cities, Denmark has it all. Here's how our comprehensive travel insurance can safeguard your trip.

At Holiday Extras, we like to reduce as much travel-related hassle as possible, which is why we have just 2 policies (Single Trip and Annual Multi-Trip) with 4 levels of cover. Here's what you can expect from Holiday Extras travel insurance policies:

Baggage cover
Cancellation cover
Medical cover
£5 million
£10 million
£10 million
£10 million
Excess charge
Lost passport
Personal money
Wedding cover
Gadget cover

Our Platinum level of cover comes with wedding and gadget cover as standard, as well as being our only policy with zero excess charges.

For more information about what you can claim for your specific policy, please read through your relevant policy booklet.

What about pre-existing medical conditions?

At Holiday Extras we believe that everyone should be able to enjoy a holiday free from worries, with full confidence in their travel insurance policy. What's more, we believe this cover should be available to everyone at a reasonable rate. That's why we've teamed up with TIF (Travel Insurance Facilities) to deliver comprehensive cover for medical conditions all for a reasonable price. We will consider all pre-existing medical conditions and proudly offer cover to the majority of conditions. Just complete the quick online screening process to book your policy today.

Getting around

Cycling - In the major cities and towns, travel by bicycle is the most popular means of transport, and there are numerous cycle paths criss-crossing the country.

Car hire - Most areas in Denmark are easily accessible by car, which makes touring Denmark on 4 wheels a very popular option.


Places to visit in Denmark

Tivoli Amusement Park: first opened on the August 15th 1843, Tivoli is the second oldest running amusement park in the world and an absolute must for visitors to the city of Copenhagen. With magnificent architecture, beautiful gardens and nostalgic rides, there's truly something for everyone.

Mols Bjerge National Park: a rugged landscape of meadows, marshes, wood and heathland, Mols Bjerge is the perfect spot for hikers and nature lovers.

Elsinore: a bustling port city first established in the 15th century, Elsinore is also home to the world's most famous castle, Kronorg, which was the setting for Shakespeare's Hamlet. If you plan to visit the city, try to time your stay so that you can attend the performance of the play that is held annually in the city.

Odense: famous as being the childhood home town of the legendary story teller, Hans Christian Anderson, Odense contains many attractions including Denmark's ordest art museum, an old Viking castle, and Funen Village, a museum which provides an insight into what life was like in the village as Anderson was growing up there.

Food in Denmark

Smorrebrod: a traditional decorated open sandwich, with origins tracing back to the late 19th century. Often made with rye bread, topped with herring, pickles and herbs and served with snaps.

Danish hot dogs: the Danish are extremely proud of their hot dogs and we don't blame them! Fried onions, pickles and remoulade (a sweet yellow sauce sometimes flavoured with curry, chopped pickles or piccalilli)

Danish pastries: yes, the best place to taste Denmark's most famous export is in the country itself! After sampling a the baked delights here, you won't be able to eat a shop bought pastry back home without feeling disatisfied...


Like most Scandinavian countries, Denmark is notoriously expense for just about everything. There's a hefty 25% tax on all goods, making for eye-wateringly high prices.

Though part of the EU, the Danish use the Danish Krone, which you'll see rendered as DKK. To give you a flavour of how much things cost over in Denmark, a cup of coffee will set you back 30 DKK; a pint of beer, 70 DKK; a three-course meal for two at a mid-range restaurant, 500 DKK.

Danish expressions and greetings

Even though most people in Scandinavia speak perfect English, knowing a few phrases in the local language is a simple trick that can help you win over the locals! Don't be the classic Brit abroad — learn a couple of these quick phrases and you'll be mistaken for a local in no time!

Tak - thank you

Goddag (goo-day) - hello

Godmorgen (gol-mowen) - good morning

Farvel (fa-vel) - goodbye

Undskyld mig (uncool my) - excuse me

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