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Norway travel insurance

With breath-taking sprawls of verdant wildland, majestic glaciers and serene coastal fjords, Norway is a popular destination for hikers, photographers and anyone looking to be inspired.

If you're planning a trip to the land of the midnight sun, taking proper travel insurance is a wise move to ensure peace of mind and an enjoyable trip. Here's how our travel insurance policies can help you get the most out of your trip:

Up to £10 million medical cover - medical costs abroad can be cripplingly expensive. With our medical cover, you are covered up to £10 million for emergency medical expenses, should you need to receive treatment while abroad for an injury or illness.

Up to £5000 cancellation cover - Sometimes cancellations are unavoidable. With our cancellation cover, this means you won't be left at a loss if you have no choice but to cancel your trip.

Up to £2000 baggage cover - providing protection for your baggage and personal belongings from theft and loss.

24/7 helpline - You'll have access to a friendly support team on hand around the clock. †

Cover for missed flights, lost passports and much more.

What about pre-existing medical conditions?

At Holiday Extras, we believe that everyone should benefit from comprehensive travel insurance at a fair rate, even if they have pre-existing medical conditions. To receive and accurate quote for your conditions, we encourage you to complete the brief online screening processes.

Places to visit in Norway

Trondheim - The thirds largest city in Norway, and the country's ancient capital, Trondheim is the place to visit if you are looking to immerse yourself in Norway's rich history.

Svalbard - if you are looking for a more visceral experience of Norway's natural beauty, then a trip to the northernmost permanently inhabited spot on the planet may be just for you. A photographer's dream, Svalbard is an island largely untouched by human habitation, and home to incredible wildlife like polar bears, reindeer, seals and walruses.

Western Fjords - Norway's famous fjords can, of course, be found throughout the country, however, those found in the Western regions are some of the most impressive. The Trollstigen road, Nigardsbreen and Geirangerfjord are just a few of the places worthy of any bucket-list.

Paying for things

Norway is one of the most notoriously expensive countries you can visit, with Oslo being one of the most expensive cities on earth, so you'll have to scrimp and save where you can. Some visitors to Norway restrict themselves to just one meal out per day, the rest of the time eating food from the supermarket.

  • Alcohol is especially expensive here, with a hefty 25% tax being added to any beer, wine or spirits with an alcohol percentage above 5%.
  • A pint of beer will cost around 86 NOK - around £7-8
  • Cheapest varieties of wine - 400 NOK (approx £33)
  • A meal at the mid-range restaurant - 800 NOK excluding alcohol (approx £67.48)

Whatever you decide to do, remember that this is not a cash-based community - everywhere has card payment terminals, even street food stalls and the smallest of shops.

Norwegian customs

  • Janteloven - If you're good at something, you can't say that you're good at something, you need others to say it for you, and then when other people say you are good at something, you need to be really self-deprecating.
  • Norwegians don't really do small talk...
  • The concept of personal space on public transport - Don't be alarmed if people seem to be sitting as far away from you as possible.
  • God stemmning - Good mood, good vibes
  • Norwegian expressions - 'Koselig' - roughly translates as 'cosy' or 'nice', Norwegians use this word ALL the time Tusen takk - "a thousand thank you to you"

    Norwegian cuisine

    Gravlax - salmon cured with salt, sugar dill and traditional aqevit, usually served with a dill and mustard sauce on bread or boiled potatoes.

    Brunost - a brown cheese made from milk, cream and whey, the brown colour comes from the caramelised sugars, so it's almost like caramel cheese!

    Flesk og duppe - A traditional Norwegian dish, literally translated as bacon and sauce, flesk og duppe is a delicious combination of fried crispy pork rashers with season vegetables, served with bechamel sauce.

    † If you need to seek medical attention whilst abroad, please ensure that you contact the 24-hour emergency assistance service for help and advice. Full details can be found on page 4 of the policy wording.

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