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Don't let age or a medical condition hinder your travels
Secure an affordable over 65 travel insurance policy with medical conditions

Senior travel insurance with medical conditions

Planning your travels should be nothing below exciting, fun-filled and hassle-free! However, this can be tricky with some competitors hiking up their premiums for travellers aged 65 and over, and for those looking to find cover with a medical condition. At Holiday Extras, we believe in providing a holiday insurance policy with peace of mind. For a senior traveller who may or may not be suffering with a medical condition as well, we don't want to add any extra stress. Instead, we can provide generous cover for personal possessions, lost baggage and medical treatment costs. We'll always keep our premiums low, and we won't be compromising on your cover to do so. You can enjoy your holiday and relax, knowing that Holiday Extras is providing a financial safety net should the worst happen.

Our medical specialist team

To make sure we're securing your travels with the best travel insurance policy, we've put together a team of insurance experts. The team specialise in providing affordable and reliable holiday insurance for senior travellers with medical conditions.

Declaring a medical condition

If you are suffering from a medical condition, you must declare it at the time of booking your policy. By doing so, we can make sure you set off with enough medical cover to provide the appropriate care when you need it most. It also means we can guide you through a simple medical screening to assess your policy. The screening won't be extensive and can be completed online. We just need to form an overview of how regularly you require treatment and how often you take medication.

To declare your condition, you can start by completing our online form above - click "Get a quote" - and your booking will be made with our medical specialist team. If you'd rather speak to one of our Kent-based call centre staff and have them take you through the medical screening process give our free helpline a ring and our team will be happy to assist you with your booking.

It's important you declare your medical conditions when booking your policy with us. If you don't and require medical treatment directly related to your undeclared condition, then we can't cover you for the treatment costs nor can you submit a claim. Bear in mind that if you do decide not to declare your condition, those treatment costs are considerably higher abroad. So if you need to be flown home for emergency treatment, the helicopter flight could cost you thousands of pounds!

Types of cover

More often than not, we can cover you for both single trip and annual trip policies:

  • Single trip: you will have cover for one trip of no longer than 365 days.
  • Annual Multi-trip: for the more frequent traveller, we can provide protection for an unlimited amount of trips, each up to 31 days (for a Silver or Gold policy, up to 22 days or less per trip for Bronze cover, or up to 45 days for a Platinum policy) across 12 months. Annual policies apply to persons up to age 79 years and under.

Booking your senior travel insurance policy

To book your travel insurance policy with Holiday Extras, you will be taken care of by our medical specialist team. You can complete your booking online or via our Kent-based call centre. Simply complete the form above to be taken through to the medical screening for your condition. Or if you'd like some help, give our helpline a call - we're open 8am-8pm in the week, and 9am-5pm at weekends.

With regard to any other medical conditions, we can provide the most affordable policy. Be sure to have a read up on our pre-existing conditions travel insurance.

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