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What is Classed as a "Pre-existing Medical Condition"?

When buying travel insurance, it can be difficult to know what to class as a pre-existing condition, especially when these are so varied and can be stable for some time before you are taking out insurance, such as lifetime conditions. However, pre-existing conditions can be simply defined to ease the complications of applying for travel insurance.

What is classed as a pre-existing medical condition?

Travel insurers class a "pre-existing medical condition" as an illness that you have had symptoms of or treatment for before your insurance being taken out, regardless of whether this is short-term or long-term.

Even if you have had a condition wherein your treatment has now stopped, you may still have to declare the illness as a pre-existing condition for some time afterwards. These can include lifetime conditions such as asthma, long-term illnesses like cancer or heart problems, injuries and chronic conditions.

Additionally, mental illnesses must also be declared before travelling. However, the definition does differ between insurance providers, with some travel insurance companies offering insurance specifically for pre-existing medical conditions. We would always recommend that you read the insurance policy wording and definition of pre-existing medical conditions, as these will differ from insurer to insurer.

Why you need to declare your medical conditions on your travel insurance

You should always declare pre-existing medical conditions on your travel insurance prior to taking it out. If you do not declare these conditions, even if they are stable at the time of taking it out, you may end up not being covered when you travel and being forced to pay expensive medical bills.

This is especially vital for popular destinations such as the USA, which has extensive medical bills.

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