Travel Insurance for Over 75s

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Holiday Extras has over 75's travel insurance covered

Older than 75 and looking for affordable travel insurance? We can help you there.

We've worked closely together with our underwriters to provide specialist holiday insurance for our customers over 75, with comprehensive cover and the best prices. Our policies are flexible, and you won't have to pay the huge premiums normally levelled at older travellers. If you're spending plenty of time travelling during your retirement we can provide annual policies, and we also offer single trip schemes if you're going away for a one-off occasion. We sold more than 60,000 policies in our first year, so for reliable cover look no further.

Why choose Holiday Extras travel insurance for over 75s?

At Holiday Extras, we believe a big part of being able to travel is freedom from limitations, and our insurance policies aim to reflect this - they allow you to explore the world affordably, without being restricted by your age. You'll get comprehensive protection, with up to £15 million of medical cover and the majority of pre-existing conditions accounted for, and our personal liability cover also reaches £15 million.

Our booking process makes arranging travel insurance easy, but if you feel you've chosen the wrong policy we can offer a refund within 14 days of confirming your booking. We'll also offer up to £10,000 if your trip is cancelled and £2,000 if your baggage goes missing, and if you need help our 24-hour helpline is here to support you.

Booking cheap over 75's travel insurance

Booking your travel insurance has never been easier. Our screening process is particularly discreet – we won't ask any more questions than we have to when determining your policy, and we'll explain the details of your cover in full. Simply place a call to our friendly Kent-based call centre to speak to one of the team and book your policy.

How to choose the best travel insurance policy

Finding travel insurance that's affordable, reliable and suited to your needs is no easy task, and as a senior traveller, there may be added considerations that make getting the right cover especially challenging. Here are some basic steps to follow when choosing travel insurance for any kind of trip as a mature traveller.

European or Worldwide?

Though this may seem like a bit of a no-brainer, it's surprising how easily you can be caught out by failing to choose the right category for your destination. It is not always apparent whether the insurer classes your destination as valid under European or Worldwide cover. For example, a country like Russia could be classed under european or worldwide cover, depending on where you'll be travelling to within the country. Furthermore, some insurers will cover destinations like Greece and Turkey - on the fringes of Europe - under a different kind of European policy.

For an accurate quote and a valid insurance policy, it's important to make sure you are aware of how the insurer categorises your destination. When booking with Holiday Extras, this is made a little easier. On the booking engine, you'll see an option to tick 'Yes' or 'No' if you are travelling to Spain, Malta, Cyprus, Turkey or Greece - destinations that are treated a little differently under our policies.

If you'd like to know more about how we categorise travel destinations, then consult our policy wording.

Choose the right cover level

Most insurers will offer a range of policies that are graded, with different levels of cover. While a basic cover level policy may be cheaper, it's worth noting that in most cases, this level of policy will have considerably lower cover levels for important things like medical emergencies. They are also unlikely to come with repatriation, missed flight insurance and other things like cover for personal money and possessions. Compare the full range of policies an insurer has to offer and weigh up the price and benefits, before buying.

At Holiday Extras, we offer senior travellers three distinct levels of cover to choose from:

Basic - A basic cover level gives you insurance for all the essentials. Expect up to £500 cancellation cover per person, £2 million medical cover per person and £500 personal possessions cover per person as well as other benefits.

Standard - With a Standard level policy, you get slightly more, including £1,000 cancellation cover per person, £5 million medical cover per person (including repatriation back to the UK), £1500 baggage cover per person, £1,500 personal possessions cover per person, £300 cover for missed flight insurance and £200 cover for a lost passport.

PremiumA Premium level policy gives you all the benefits of a Standard level policy but with higher levels of cover including: £5,000 cancellation cover per person, £10 million medical cover per person, £2,000 personal possessions cover per person.

Single or Annual multi-trip?

We offer both annual policies, which allow you to make multiple trips over the course of the year, and travel insurance for single trips. Insurers rarely offer annual policies to people over the age of 75, but at Holiday Extras we're delighted to provide excellent multi-trip insurance policies to our customers. You can enjoy your retirement with frequent cruises, holidays and winter sports trips, or travel to see family and friends far and wide – we’ll always offer you affordable premiums with minimal hassle.

Do you need extra cover?

Being technically classed as a senior traveller doesn't automatically exclude you from being adventurous. Maybe you're planning a skiing holiday or a hike in the Dolomites? Whatever you have planned, you'll need to have the right cover for those activities, and this may involve taking out an additional premium to your travel insurance.

Holiday Extras offer a range of policy add-ons for sporting activities. Once you've chosen your cover level, you will then have the option to add extras such as winter sports cover to your booking.

Travelling with a pre-existing medical condition?

Policy Excess

Most insurers require a certain amount to be paid for a claim to be considered: this is called the policy excess. The excess on Holiday Extras policies range from around £75-£100, with many sections of our cover requiring no excess at all. If you would prefer to avoid paying the excess for all of the sections of cover, we suggest adding the excess waiver to your policy.

Top travelling tips for people over 75

  • Book a pre-travel consultation at your local clinic. It's important to make sure that you are aware of any health risks, and that you understand the standard of healthcare at your destination.
  • Keep any necessary medication close to hand, and ensure that you have plenty of spare supplies.

Holiday Extras Policy Wording

We've got together with Allianz Global Assist, a market leading travel insurance provider, to provide you with dependable travel insurance policies. Check out our policy wording for more information.

Our policies:

Our cover levels:

Additional cover

Visit our Medical Conditions page.

Find more information about our pre-existing conditions travel insurance below:

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