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Finding reliable holiday insurance without the sky-high premiums can be challenging when you hit 85 years of age. This can be because at such an advanced age, its likely that senior travellers have more than one medical condition.

Thankfully, Holiday Extras provide comprehensive travel insurance cover for travellers between 80 and 85 years of age, without having to pay any huge premiums.

Just be sure to complete the online medical screening process when applying for travel insurance with us, so we are aware of any pre-existing conditions the senior traveller may have.

  • Competitive and reliable holiday insurance you can trust
  • Voted best travel insurance provider for 10 years running, with Globe Travel Awards
  • Tailored policies for customers with pre-existing medical conditions
  • Up to £10 million in medical cover and up to £5000 in cancellation cover

Medical cover - this means that you are covered for any emergency medical treatment you might need to receive during your trip including, ambulance services, hospital stays, and any medication the doctor prescribes to you. This part of your cover wont cover for routine check-ups or medication that has already been prescribed to treat a pre-existing medical condition.

Cancellation - with cancellation cover, your money is protected should for some reason your travel bookings or reservations be cancelled, meaning you wont have to take the financial loss.

Baggage cover - This part of your policy protects you from financial loss should the airline lose your baggage during the course of the journey. Youll also be compensated for any delay in receiving your lost baggage from the airline.

Single Trip and Annual Trip Policies

Our cruise cover can cover everyone in your party. Our helpline is here to provide support throughout the process as well as while you're away, and our personal liability cover is reassuringly high - up to £2 million.

How do I book travel insurance for over 85's?

The booking process with Holiday Extras is designed to be simple and stress free. It's also quick - you can book from the comfort of your home and over the phone by placing a call to our friendly, UK based team. Our booking procedure is discreet, and we'll provide you with a single, unambiguous cost once it's complete, so that you understand exactly what's covered. Please note that at this time, we are only able to provide travel insurance cover for travellers aged 85 and under. Currently, we are unable to provide cover for travellers who exceed the age of 85 years.

Tips for travelling with Seniors

Choose the right time of day to travel - Seniors will not have the same energy and vigour that they might have had when they were younger. As such, its best to avoid travelling early in the morning or late at night as this can be exhausting. The best flight times for seniors is mid-morning or early afternoon.

Book a flight with no stop-overs if possible - Its highly recommended to book a long-haul flight with no stop-overs, as this will greatly minimise the potential for stress, and the chance of a missed connection which will add more time to the overall journey.

Have medication in hand luggage - You should never place any important medication in the checked-in luggage, as this will obviously mean you wont have access to it during the flight. Its best to take such medication in a small piece of hand luggage, stowed close to the place were the senior traveller will be sitting. Its also a good idea to bring along a list of medications and dosages, in case you should need to visit the doctors during the trip.