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Holiday Insurance for Kayaking

Whatever you have planned for your next kayaking holiday, have you got the kayaking travel insurance cover you need? At Holiday Extras, we have just the comprehensive cover that you're looking for to enjoy kayaking at your leisure in river's up to Grade 2 (so no white water kayaking)!

Great Value Kayaking Travel Insurance for a truly pleasant glide ...

So, what does Kayaking Travel Insurance cover?

We have three levels of cover available to suit your needs, and travel insurance for kayaking, for up to grade 2 river, is already included. These are our Basic, Standard and Premium holiday insurance packages to cover either a single trip, of up to 365 days, or you can enjoy a year of unlimited travel with our annual policy (given that each trip does not exceed a 23 day period or up to 17 days with our Basic Annual cover).

Our policies include:

Once upon a kayak...

Did you know kayaks were created thousands of years ago by the Inuit of the Northern Arctic regions? They used materials like driftwood and often the skeleton of a whale to construct the frame which they then lined with animal skin. Their primary purpose was to be used for hunting and fishing - hence the literal translation 'hunter's boat'.

Times have changed and kayaking has drifted on in many countries to now representing a key international watersport. It's popularity particularly booming in the 1970s in the U.S! Kayaking has come of age, offering a totally new and exciting way to see the world that can be ideal for many types of traveller! Along with any sport though, ensuring your safety with kayaking holiday insurance could insure your fun too!

Where is there a kayaking adventure waiting for me?

Here's a quick guide to a couple of popular kayaking destinations...

Kayaking in Bordeaux, France

Bordeaux France

Kayaking along the Dordogne in Bordeaux, France could be the perfect family-friendly holiday choice with a blend of gentle activity and well-earned rest and relaxation. You could go with the flow of this wide river which is loved for its serenity and is an ideal choice for all fitness levels.

You could sail past the picturesque villages, limestone cliffs and historic sites and take a break in-between kayaking to enjoy time with the friendly locals and some of the region's finest vineyards.

If you choose to take the family you may like to consider family travel insurance where children up to the age of 18 travel free with an adult policyholder, meaning your family travel insurance policy could cost as little as £27.90**

Some of the perks of family travel insurance include:

  • Under 18's receive free travel insurance cover with each paying adult
  • Adults named on the same policy can travel independently (ensuring that no under 18's travel unaccompanied)
  • One policy for the whole family means one payment - and only one policy to look after
  • 24 hour emergency helpline

Kayaking in New Zealand

New Zealand

New Zealand has some great places to enjoy kayaking if you are thinking of travelling a bit further afield, not least of all the Whanganui river which flows beautifully through an outstanding national park and at 290 km it is one of the longest in the country. Also perfect for people that enjoy nature watching book a guided kayaking tour along this river and you may find peace and quiet amongst the abundant birdlife and forests clinging to the cliff faces along the river side.

Remember that accidents can happen so here are a few handy tips to staying safe along the journey:

  • Always be aware of weather conditions and water temperature. Be sure to prepare for changes in water temperature and the possibility of capsize. If you are paddling in cold water then a wetsuit or drysuit could keep you comfortable and warm.
  • Remember sun protection in warmer weather.
  • If paddling in a new area check with locals regarding currents, shoreline conditions and weather patterns.
  • Always follow the boating rules of the area you're in.
  • Never exceed the weight capacity for your kayak and always check your equipment for wear and tear before you paddle.
  • Ensure you seek qualified instruction to learn correct paddling techniques, water safety and basic first aid.
  • Always wear a helmet and your personal floatation device. There are great PFDs designed specifically for kayaking, so buy one that fits well and always wear it when paddling.
  • Stay hydrated and always take plenty of food and water.
  • Paddle with a guide and do not paddle on your own.
  • Be sure to let others know of your paddle plan, which includes: where you are going, what you will be doing, how many there are in your group and how long you expect to be gone. Then stick with your plan.
    • Top tips:

    • Always wear a helmet
    • Always wear a floatation device
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    *Price based on 1 adult aged 21 with no pre-existing medical conditions, travelling to Europe inc Spain/Cyprus/Malta/Turkey or Greece from 30/07/18 until 07/08/18. Price correct as of July 2018.

    **Price based on 2 adults (aged 18 and up) and 2 under 18s with no pre-existing medical conditions, travelling to Europe excl. Spain, Cyprus, Malta, Turkey and Greece from 31/07/18 until 07/08/18. Price correct as of July 2018. Exclusions do apply so please refer to the policy wording.