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Surf insurance

Whether you're 'bitchin' a bombora on Bondi beach or 'hanging ten' in Hanalei Bay, you'll want a choka travel insurance policy for your next surfing trip. Who knows when you might 'ding' your board or get 'caught inside'..?

Best Surf Travel Insurance

With Holiday Extras you can get full comprehensive cover for your surfing holiday without having to pay an extra charge or premium. Simply take out a standard level policy and you can expect surfing cover as part of the deal.

We should probably clarify though that, by surfing, we mean specifically the kind with just a board on the waves. Other types of surfing, such as wind and kite surfing may require an additional premium.

Certain types of extreme sports activities, such as sky-surfing are not covered as part of our travel insurance, and you will need to find a more specialised policy to cover for this niche. For a full breakdown of all the sports that we do cover as standard with our travel insurance policies, visit our sports travel insurance page.

Choosing Holiday Extras as your insurance provider

There are two main types of policy:

Single trip - Covers one trip of up to 365 days. Worth getting if you know you're only likely to go abroad once or twice in the year.

Annual multi-trip - Provides cover for any number of trips taken throughout the year, up to hx-insurance/days-per-trip days at a time. Perfect for jet-setters and restless travellers.

With every policy, you'll need to specify whether you'll be travelling in Europe or worldwide, beyond Europe. You'll also need to choose your level of cover:

  • Bronze cover offers £500 of baggage insurance and another £1,000 of cancellation cover per person, as well as £5 million towards medical costs.
  • Silver cover provides medical cover of £5 million, baggage cover at £1,500 and cancellation insurance of £2,000 per person
  • Gold cover raises your medical protection to £10 million, baggage cover to £2,000 and cancellation cover to £5,000 per person.
  • Platinum cover matches the levels of protection offered by the Gold policy while removing the excesses you would have to pay if you needed to make a claim.

Booking your policy

Booking your policy couldn't be easier. Just fill out the quote form at the top of the page, select your level of cover, and any add-ons to your policy before making your payment. Then all you'll need to do is wait for us to email your travel insurance documents to you, and you're sorted!

Visit our HX blog for all things travel including the best destinations for water sports.

Common surfing injuries and how to avoid them

Lacerations to the head, lower legs and feet - Beginners are especially susceptible to cuts and bruises from falling off the board repeatedly, but over confident veterans are likewise not immune to these kinds of injuries. Wearing wetsuit boots can help protect your feet if you have to bail on sharp rock or coral, and some surfers even opt for a softer fin for their board.

Soft tissue strains - As a surfer, you are constantly making quick shifts in position, from lying down on the board to standing up, and as such, it's easy to strain your muscles and ligaments through over use. Make sure to do some proper stretches and warm up exercises before getting in the water.

Eye trauma - It's likely that while you're out on the waves, you'll be exposed to higher levels of UV light reflecting off the water's surface - up to 50%. For this reason, it's not always a good idea to surf during midday, when the sunlight is at its strongest.

Joint-surface damage - This is another injury beginners often sustain, as excessive rotational force is placed on the knees and ankles due to lack of balance. Exercises that help improve core stability and agility are highly recommended if you're just starting out as a surfer.

Rotator cuff - This is caused by all the paddling surfers need to do to get to those breakers. Rotator cuff injuries are often caused by an imbalance between the outer and inner cuff strength. If you end up suffering from rotator cuff injuries, it's a good idea to visit a physiotherapist for treatment.

Surfing travel insurance with pre-existing medical conditions

Having a pre-existing medical condition shouldn't stop you from apply for surfing travel insurance with Holiday Extras. Just remember to let us know of the medical conditions you might have, and we can come up with a policy tailored to you needs. Visit our medical conditions for more information.

Top surfing destinations in the world

Bondi Beach, Sydney -Located just 8km from Sydney town centre, Bondi beach is one of the most famous, sought after surfing location in the world.

Hanalei Bay, Hawaii - The largest bay on the north shore of Kaua'i island, Hanalei Bay is not only graced with timeless beauty, but also some of the most curvaceous barrels in the Hawaii surfing scene.

Jeffries Bay, South Africa - Located in the Eastern Cape town province, Jeffries Bay boasts the longest right-hand point-break on the planet.

Teahupo, Tahiti - An unassuming little village on the south-western coast of Tahiti, Teahupo'o was recently crowned the 'Worlds Heaviest Wave'. Veterans label Teahupo's surf as a 'freak of nature', with punishing waves and a ferocious swell. Definitely not for the faint-hearted.

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