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Explore Colombia with the best travel insurance provider making sure you're financially protected, every step of the way.

Travel insurance for Colombia

Colombia's modern cities, Caribbean beaches and Amazon forests make it a number one worldwide destination on the list of most travellers. With Holiday Extras holiday insurance you can select a policy that provides the amount of cover that you require, and that helps to protect you from declared medical conditions, and unforeseen medical expenses - an essential, given the tropical climate.

Choose Holiday Extras for Colombia travel insurance

With Holiday Extras you don't have to settle for an inflexible policy - there's three different cover levels to choose from:

Booking your policy

Booking online is nice and easy. You make your payment online or via our call centre team. Fill in our quote form above and choose a policy that suits your travels. For extra information or to place a booking you can also call our UK based helpline for FREE.

Regular travellers can book an annual travel policy, which provides Premium cover for 12 months. Individuals, couples or families on annual programmes can travel separately, as long as they live together.

Advice for travelling to Colombia

Entry - British nationals can enter Colombia for 90 days for tourism purposes without a visa. You will receive an entry stamp in your passport upon arrival.

Medical - Holiday Extras travel insurance provides cover for pre-existing medical conditions, so check with your GP for any conditions prior to leaving and ensure that you declare these to us. Certain immunisations are recommended, like Yellow Fever and Typhoid. Our medical cover does not cover for illnesses if the correct immunisations were not administered.

Safety - Tourist security in Colombia has improved hugely in recent years, but it is still advisable to keep your belongings close to hand, particularly in busy city areas.

Popular attractions in Colombia

  • Bogotà, Colombia's capital, is a cosmopolitan hub filled with things to see. The north is modern and forward-thinking, while the south has quaint and historic areas like La Candelaria.
  • Visit Providencia, a beautiful and unspoiled volcanic island with lush beaches and tiny hamlets.
  • Hold your nerve and visit the ominous Palace of the Inquisition, a hauntingly striking example of late colonial architecture.
  • Relax in a haciendas, or estate, deep in the rural heart of Colombia. Get a real taste of culture in locations like the Llanos Orientales.
  • Cartagena is one of America's best-preserved ancient cities, and the elegant buildings reside a short distance from lush Caribbean beaches.

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