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Peru, famous for its Incan settlers and Mayan temples, is one of the greatest destinations for mountain climbing in the world. However, you should be up-to-date with the latest information and ensure that you have the right travel insurance for your activities.

Top 5 Things to see and do in Peru

1. Discover Machu Picchu

The most famous historical and cultural monument in Peru, the temple of Machu Picchu can be reached via a scenic and well-travelled four-day walk along the Inca trail.

2. Climb the peaks of Cordillera Huayhuash

With snow-peaked mountains and extremely harsh conditions, this range is only for extremely experienced climbers, whilst the hike to base camp alone will provide you with dazzling views.

3. Explore Carhuasanta

The Amazon can be seen at its best in Peru, from the Amazon basin to the peaks of the Andes. This variety of habitats creates fantastic bio-diversity in this region, with over 200 species of mammal.

4. Sight-see in Lima

Lima is a UNESCO protected city and you can see its well-preserved sites through special tours taking you around its architectural wonders.

5. See the Nazca Lines

The Nazca Lines have bewildered experts for many years, with their huge lines etched across the desert.

Is it safe to travel to Peru alone?

It is best to travel in groups as there have been incidents of muggings and violent theft as well as personal attacks. This is a particular problem in quiet areas and at night.

What vaccinations do I need for Peru?

You will need hepatitis A, tetanus and typhoid and some travellers will need rabies, hepatitis B, tuberculosis and yellow fever.

What should I pack for Peru?

If youre going to be doing any vigorous exercise such as hiking, you should wear warm and comfortable clothing as well as good hiking boots and thick hiking socks.