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Travel Insurance for Motorcycling

Perhaps you are going on a motorcycling holiday abroad and are keen to get the right motorcycle travel insurance for your next big adventure. At Holiday Extras we provide comprehensive travel insurance for a wide variety of sports. If your plans change, and you will need cancellation cover; if your personal possessions are lost or stolen or someone has an accident, you will be protected with lost luggage cover; if you need medical attention while abroad, then you at covered with medical insurance and for your trip.

Good news, your on-road motorcycling is already taken care of! When you take out a travel insurance policy with Holiday Extras, lots of sports (including motorcycling on-road) is included as standard. So long as you have a valid UK driving license valid for the specific motorcycle you will be riding and are wearing a helmet (even if it is not the law to wear one in the country you're visiting).

If you literally like to live life off the beaten track, then you will need to take out an additional premium to cover off-road motorcycling (up to 250cc) by selecting Extra Activity Cover Pack 3 with prices starting from just *.

Protect your kit for the journey

Holiday Extras offers comprehensive travel insurance so that you're free to enjoy your holiday. We have Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum levels of holiday insurance to choose from. You can get cover for either a single trip, of up to 365 days, or you can enjoy a year of unlimited travel with our annual policy (given that each trip does not exceed the duration specified by the level of cover you have chosen).

Additional extreme sports cover

With our additional sports insurance premium, you could claim if you have lost, damaged or had part of your motorcycling equipment, be it your helmet or clothing, while you're on holiday. Where the value of your motorbike equipment exceeds the maximum claim value on individual items — up to £1,000 for the total sum, up to £500 for a single item or pair on Platinum.


Top safety tips!

  • Always wear protective head gear and clothing when you're out on your motorbike.
  • Always lock your motorbike securely when you're not using it and don't leave it unattended for long periods of time.
  • Don't put yourself at unnecessary risk by touring without supplies; like food and water.
  • Do your research before touring in rural areas and check the terrain is suitable.
  • Always check the weather report in advance.

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