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Find the best holiday insurance for Egypt with a single trip or annual multi-trip policy for worldwide travel starting from just £17.11*

Travelling to Egypt? We provide comprehensive cover

Travelling to Egypt is easy and secure thanks to worldwide travel insurance for Egypt with Holiday Extras. When you're gazing awe-struck at pyramids, or exploring the edges of the Great Sand Sea, it's important to have cover in place for unforeseen medical expenses, and to ensure that your belongings are protected. Our comprehensive travel insurance also provides cancellation cover, minimising the risk to your trip.

Egypt travel advice

We advise contacting the FCO directly before you travel to get up-to-date information, to ensure your safety.

Choosing your travel insurance provider

Our Egypt cover is actually classified as a European policy instead of Worldwide, and when you book Egypt travel insurance with Holiday Extras you receive our comprehensive cover, and brilliant customer service. There are four policy levels to choose from:

  • Bronze - provides cancellation cover of £1000 per person, medical cover of £5 million, and £500 baggage cover.
  • Silver - provides £2,500 cancellation cover per person, £10 million medical costs, and £1,500 baggage cover.
  • Gold - provides £5,000 of cancellation cover per person, £2,000 baggage cover, and £10 million in medical cover.
  • Platinum - provides £5,000 of cancellation cover per person, £2,000 personal possessions cover, £10 million in medical cover and £500 personal money, passport and documents cover .

Annual policies are available to everyone living at the same address and cover multiple trips during the year. They offer the levels of cover, and individuals under the policy can travel separately. Any children under age 18 can also be covered under one of our family policies.

Booking your policy

You can book your policy online or by telephone, simply fill in our quote form above or ring our UK-based call centre for FREE to make a payment.

Is Egypt in the European Union?

A country situated at the gateway between North Africa and the Middle-East, Egypt is best described as a middle-eastern country, owing to the many cultural, historical and religious similarities it shares with this part of the world. As such, Egypt is not formally considered part of Europe, and neither is it a member of the European Union. However, Egypt, like many other non-EU countries shares an Association Agreement with the EU, allowing for free-trade of industrial and agricultural goods. As of 2016, the EU was both Egypt's biggest importer and exporter.

Egypt travel insurance Europe or Worldwide?

Owing to the fact that the country is neither culturally, geographical nor politically part of Europe, you would be forgiven for assuming that Egypt would be classed as a worldwide destination for travel insurance. However, in reality, insurers will class Egypt most commonly as a European destination. The reasons for this categorisation can vary, but usually the decision is made based on one of two factors:

  • Egypt is a country bordering the Mediterranean, so therefore is classed as a European destination
  • Most areas in Egypt are considered 'low risk' and so are categorised as 'European' along with all the other low risk destinations

This little quirk has caught out many an unwary traveller. The fact that Egypt is classed as a European destination by insurers can be particularly confusing if you plan to visit the neighbouring countries like Israel or Jordan, both of which are commonly classed as 'worldwide destinations'.

Taking out travel insurance to Egypt with Holiday Extras, you'll be given cover for 'Europe, excluding Spain, Cyprus, Malta, Turkey & Greece'. Thankfully you won't need to worry about accidentally getting the wrong travel insurance, as you can simply enter the names of your destinations into the destination field on our quote form, for an accurate travel insurance quote.

Is it safe to go to Egypt?

Despite a history of political unrest, Egypt like most places can be considered a safe tourist destination, provided you've done your research and planning beforehand, and exercise a little common sense. It is generally advised to avoid areas designated as higher risk by the FCO - such as Sinai region, where terrorist attacks have occured. Following the advice of the FCO before planning your trip, and registering with the British embassy, will be enough to ensure you remain out of any trouble and enjoy your trip.

Sexual harassment of women is a serious issue in Egypt and women travelling alone should take extra precautions to stay safe. If you're a woman travelling solo in Egypt, it's advised to sit with other women when using public transport and to dress modestly (i.e keeping shoulders, covered and wearing more opaque, looser fitting clothing).

Egypt laws and customs

  • Being a conservative country were the main religions are Islam and Coptic Orthodox christianity, public displays of affection are frowned upon. Things like kissing and hugging in public can elicit negative reactions from passersby and can even result in being prosecuted for public indecency.
  • Unless at a beach or private resort, both men and women should dress decently. This means being covered from the shoulders to below the knee, and women need to be covered up to the wrists and ankles. You should be especially careful not to cause offence by your dress when visiting places of worship or during the month of Ramadan.
  • It's customary to take your shoes off when visiting a Mosque or temple.
  • Advice for travelling to Egypt

    Currency - Change your holiday money to the Egyptian pound. It's easiest to do so in advance, or at banks, foreign exchange bureaus and some hotels in Egypt. Be sure to hold onto your spare change - it's difficult to come by in Egypt and is handy for tips.

    Your flight - The flight to Egypt is quite long so take regular walks up and down the aisle. This helps keep you comfortable and can prevent deep vein thrombosis.

    Visas - UK visitors can obtain a visa from the Egyptian embassy, or on arrival at the Egyptian airport.

    Things to do in Egypt

    • Delve into history by visiting the Valley of the Kings.
    • Cruise down the Nile, and see Egypt from the comfort of a luxury ship.
    • Venture into the Western Desert to find hidden gems like the oasis villages of Bahariya, Farafra, Dakhla and Kharga.
    • Explore Cairo, a bustling city with plenty of personality.
    • Tour the Great Pyramids of Giza, and then visit the nearby Sphinx - the symbol of Egypt.

    *Prices based on 1 adult aged 21 with no pre-existing medical conditions, travelling to Europe inc Spain/Cyprus/Malta/Turkey or Greece for 7 days. Price correct as of April 2019.

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