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The Philippines is a tourist's paradise of sun-soaked beaches, exotic wildlife and bustling cities. These top tips will help you to find the best things to do in the Philippines, along with other necessary information for your visit.

Top 5 things to see and do in the Philippines

1. Relax in Boracay

Boracay is famous for its white sand beaches and relaxing atmosphere. Recently reopened, it is perfect for those that want to soak up the sun under the palm trees and party all night.

2. Explore the Chocolate Hills

The Chocolate Hills consist of 1,260 hills which turn brown in the dry season and who formation make them perfect for white shark spotting and snorkelling.

3. Journey down the Puerto Princesa Underground River

This underground river is five miles long and an established UNESCO site. Travel down this 5-mile stretch to experience the beautiful limestone tunnels and blue-green waters.

4. Discover Manila Ocean Park

In the hustle and bustle of Manila, the Manila Ocean Park is a fantastic opportunity to experience shark encounters whilst learning about our finned friends.

5. Climb up the Mayon Volcano

There are four camps that allow you to explore the Mayon volcano. However, the volcano is still active, which means that the volcano is only for seasoned climbers and may be closed due to its eruption status.

Is it safe in the Philippines?

The Philippines is a largely safe country, however, like in most places, you'll want to excersise common sense and take take sensible precautions to stay safe when travelling. Basic things like organising a reputable hotel transfer and only using trusted taxi services, will do much to ensure your safety. It's also advisable to take out reliable travel insurance before you leave, to cover you in the event of problems or emergencies.

What injections do you need for the Philippines?

NaTHNaC suggests that all UK travellers will need hepatitis A, tetanus and typhoid injections to prevent illness. However, some travellers may need cholera, hepatitis B, Japanese Encephalitis, Rabies and TB vaccines, which can be discussed with your health provider.

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