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Enjoy cheap worldwide cover from just £27.00* per person!

Cheap holiday insurance for travelling the world

At Holiday Extras we understand that booking your cheap travel insurance worldwide can be daunting, with a multitude of providers offering different cover levels at various prices. For just £27.00*, you could book your cheap holiday insurance policy today and enjoy globetrotting around the world with a great value worldwide policy.

A cheap travel insurance worldwide policy will protect you on your adventures if things don't go according to plan, by providing protection in case of an emergency. This comprehensive cover includes cancellation, medical costs and lost luggage cover.

With Holiday Extras, getting great cheap additional cover worldwide on top of your existing policy is also simple, to ensure you're covered for all of your planned holiday activities. You can add additional cheap sports and leisure, winter sports, golf, wedding, business, cruise or car hire excess cover to your cheap travel insurance worldwide policy online today or by contacting our friendly customer service team on 0800 316 0104 and quoting WY992.

Cheaper worldwide travel

Holiday Extras' cheap worldwide travel insurance is cost effective. We'll always take your destination into account. Whether your policy is inclusive or exclusive of the USA, Canada or the Caribbean could result in a cheaper price to pay. With such high medical costs in the USA, exclusive worldwide policies can often be cheaper so it helps to compare cheap travel insurance to get the best travel insurance.

Types of cover

Our cheapest travel insurance worldwide single trip policy provides cover for one trip of up to 365 days. We have three levels of cover to choose from, so you don't have to pay extra for any cover you don't need. You can take out a cheaper travel insurance worldwide policy without compromising on great cover. For more information on our cheap single trip travel insurance policies, visit our single trip travel insurance page.

If you are a more frequent traveller you may benefit from purchasing comprehensive cheap annual worldwide travel insurance cover for an unlimited amount of trips across 12 months given that each trip does not exceed 23 days of 17 days on a Basic cover policy. For more information on our reliable, cheap annual holiday insurance for travelling worldwide then visit our annual travel insurance page.

With Holiday Extras you can get cheap, reliable worldwide travel insurance or European holiday insurance cover. If you are unsure whether your destination is covered under cheap worldwide travel insurance, simply apply online today for a quote.

*Prices based on 1 person aged 25 with no pre-existing medical conditions, travelling worldwide excl. USA/Canada/Caribbean, with a Basic cover single trip policy, from 12/11/18 until 20/11/18. Prices correct as of October 2018.

**Price based on 1 person aged 25 with no pre-existing medical conditions, travelling worldwide excl. USA/Canada/Caribbean, with a Basic cover annual multi-trip policy, from 12/11/18 to 11/11/19. Prices correct as of October 2018.

Levels of cover

Depending on your budget, we have cheap holiday insurance packages available to suit every traveller on their journey. With high levels of protection and a 24-hour emergency contact team, there's no compromising on your cover if you’re on a tight budget and need cheap travel insurance worldwide.

At Holiday Extras’ with our cheap worldwide travel insurance you can purchase a policy with one of three levels of cover; depending on your requirements. The three cover levels available are - cheap basic cover, standard cover or premium cover. Premium is our highest level of cover and offers higher levels of protection. If you purchase our cheap basic cover for your worldwide travel, however, we've still ensured you'll receive an appropriate amount of cover at a great price - so you leave covered for the essentials.

Our cover levels include:

  • Basic: £500 of cancellation cover per person, £2 million for medical costs and £500 for baggage.
  • Standard: £1,000 of cancellation cover, £5 million of medical cover and £1,500 in baggage cover.
  • Premium: £5,000 cancellation cover per person, £10 million medical cover and £2,000 baggage cover.
Worldwide travel

Cheap globetrotting in style

A few handy tips before take-off:

  • If you are travelling with medication check the airline requirements and follow the correct guidelines if you have a pre-existing medical condition.
  • Remain mobile on lengthy journeys, whether you're flying, driving or taking a plane or ferry. Sitting still for long hours can exacerbate medical health problems, and can even cause deep vein thrombosis.
  • Restrict your plans in the immediate aftermath of a long flight. When your plane arrives, you could be tired and jetlagged, so allow yourself some time to relax and recover.
  • Arrange your accommodation and transport from a port or airport ahead of time, this could allow you the extra time you need to recharge before you start exploring.

Need some cheap worldwide holiday inspiration?

If you would like some exciting ideas about where to travel to, then check out our fantastic video guide to six superb destinations you can choose from and explore in 2018 - including the bright beaches in Cyprus and the tangible delights of Thailand!

Holiday ideas worldwide

If you would like some more inspiration check out one of our many destination pages and get packing:

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Book your cheap worldwide travel insurance policy online today, or call our UK-based contact centre to discuss your options with our friendly insurance team on 0800 316 0104 and quote WY992.

*Prices based on 1 person aged 25 with no pre-existing medical conditions, travelling worldwide excl. USA/Canada/Caribbean, with Basic cover on a single trip policy, from 12/11/18 until 20/11/18. Prices correct as of October 2018.

Frequently asked questions

Travelling with medical conditions

It can be difficult to find a cheap provider of worldwide travel insurance whilst suffering from a medical condition. With a potentially higher need for medical assistance whilst abroad, at Holiday Extras it doesn't always have to mean a higher price. We have a dedicated team on-hand to organise a quote tailored to you, so we can provide a policy that is individual to your needs. As long as you have disclosed all pre-existing conditions - we are more than happy to provide comprehensive cheap worldwide cover on both a single trip and annual basis, though please note age restrictions may apply. Please read our travel insurance with medical conditions page to find out more.

What if I choose not to declare an existing medical condition?

In the unfortunate event that you require medical treatment that is in any way related to your undisclosed condition, then all of your claims will be rejected and your travel insurance policy will be rendered invalid, if you haven't declared a pre-existing medical condition on your policy.

Bear in mind that medical treatment abroad can cost thousands. Visit our travel insurance with medical conditions page to learn more.

Who are the best travel insurance companies?

It’s a great idea to compare travel insurance before you book to get the cheapest deal with the best travel insurance worldwide. Make sure you check the policy wording of each provider on either a single trip or annual multi-trip policy to see exactly what is covered.

Providers will offer different levels of cover at different rates so make sure you research which one is best for you. Check out Holiday Extras’ cheap basic, standard and premium levels of cover.

When should you buy travel insurance?

If you are venturing on a single trip then you should buy travel insurance prior to your trip and select the date your holiday begins. When booking an annual multi-trip policy, you should be looking to book your policy 30 days in advance.

What does travel insurance cover?

Most travel insurance plans are package plans that include various coverage. This cover can include cancellation cover, medical cover, cover for delayed or lost possessions (baggage cover), personal liability, legal expenses and end supplier failure cover.

What is End Supplier Failure?

Holiday Extras’ includes End Supplier Failure Cover, with Scheduled Airline Failure Cover (SAFI Cover). This can be important as it enables you to have complete protection if any part of your holiday, including your hotel or airline, goes out of business before your holiday or while you're away.

Can I refund my travel insurance policy?

Yes, you can refund your premium in full within 14 days of purchase, providing you have not claimed or already travelled on your policy.

Cancelling your policy

It is possible to cancel your travel insurance policy worldwide within 14 days of making your purchase, during which time, we can fully refund your payment. If your cancellation falls outside of this duration then it is still possible to cut ties with your policy but unfortunately, we are not able to provide a refund.

Where can I travel to with my holiday insurance?

With Holiday Extras’ travel insurance, you can travel to:

  • Europe inc. Spain, Cyprus, Malta, Turkey or Greece for a Single Trip
  • Europe excl. Spain, Cyprus, Malta, Turkey or Greece for a Single Trip
  • Worldwide inc. USA, Canada or Caribbean for a Single Trip
  • Worldwide excl. USA, Canada or Caribbean for a Single Trip
  • Europe/Worldwide Annual Trip

Is trip cancellation insurance worth buying?

Cancellation cover is great if you have to change your plans at the last minute. All of our travel insurance policies include cancellation cover should you have to cancel your holiday plans at short notice. It's important to know what circumstances you can and cannot be covered for, visit our holiday cancellation insurance page to find out more.