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Top 5 things to see and do in Lanzarote

1. Cueva De Los Verdes

These caves were formed by a volcanic eruption 4000 years ago and are known for their natural colour changes which make these caves look green due to an excess of salt and iron.

2. Timanfaya National Park

At Timanfaya National Park, you will be able to visit the location of the volcanic eruptions of the 1700s and explore the lava fields on a guided tour.

3. The Cactus Garden

Celebrate the latest Instagram trend at the Cactus Garden, home to 10,000 of our favourite spiny plants.

4. Monumento De Campasino

The Monumento De Campasino is dedicated to farmers and stands at 15 metres high. Whilst impressive, you should also visit the artisan craft markets and luxury restaurants that now surround it.

5. Rancho Texas Park

If you are with a child, or are a child at heart, visiting this water and animal park might be for you, with both waterslides and animals such as white tigers providing a days entertainment.

Do you need any vaccinations to travel to Lanzarote?

As well as your routine vaccinations, youll also need rabies and hepatitis A and B, as bats in the Canary Islands carry rabies, and there is some risk of foods being contaminated with hepatitis A in Lanzarote.

Do you need travel insurance for Lanzarote?

You need travel insurance to travel to most places in the world, and its important that you take this out when travelling to Lanzarote so that youre covered for such events as missing your flight and passport theft. Your medical care will be covered by the EHIC, but pre-existing medical conditions will have to be covered by the right travel insurance.

Do I need a visa to travel to Lanzarote?

To enter Lanzarote, you will simply need to carry your passport, but you should check that your passport does not expire for six months after your visit.

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