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Before travelling to Majorca, below are some handy tips to read while you're planning for your trip.

Top 5 things to see and do in Majorca

1. Castell Bellvar

This castle overlooks Palma, believed to be over 700 years old, it has been used as a summer palace and prison. Now, it also hosts a number of concerts and events throughout the year.

2. The Miro Building

The Miro building is a tribute to the artist Joan Miro and was created by his wife to contain his life's works. Artists and creators still use this space as a meeting point.

3. La Seu Cathedral

La Seu Cathedral is dazzlingly epic in scope. Situated on the walls surrounding Palma, it also has the second highest cathedral nave in the world.

4. The Markets

The markets of Majorca are thriving, bustling centres of commerce that will entice you to try one of their delicious delicacies or shop for presents to take home with you.

5. Binissalem

Most of the vineyards around this small village are open to the public for you to get the true wine-making experience and enjoy a relaxing afternoon exploring the origins of this favourite alcoholic beverage.

What is the weather like in Majorca?

Majorca has a mild climate, and the weather is slightly warmer than in the UK, with highs of 25 degrees in summer and 10 degrees in winter.

Is it safe to visit Majorca?

The only problem you are likely to encounter in Majorca is petty crimes such as theft, which should immediately be reported to the police for any insurance claims. It is important to take out travel insurance regardless of the country you are visiting to ensure that you are covered should you encounter problems when abroad.

When is the best time to travel to Majorca?

The best time to visit Majorca is in the spring when both temperatures and rainfall are kept reasonably low yet still pleasant, with temperatures from 17-24 degrees. Additionally, this will ensure that you miss the crowds of the busier summer months.

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