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Holiday insurance for independent travel

We know that planning your own adventure is an exciting prospect and holiday insurance might not be at the top of your travel checklist. It is however, an absolute must-have for any journey. At Holiday Extras, our policies offer great cover including: baggage and cancellation cover, medical cover for unforeseen treatments and declared medical conditions, plus a 24-hour emergency helpline to keep you feeling safe and secure throughout your holiday.

Additional cover

Travelling independently is the perfect opportunity to try the sports and activities you've always wanted to - that said, you might struggle on a tandem bicycle! Our policies already include cover for 100+ sports including water-skiing and safari trekking. But we can also extend your cover to include hobbies such as winter sports or windsurfing. It's wise to consider these additional options if you are hiring equipment or travelling with your own!

Choosing Holiday Extras as your insurance provider

Independent travel is a bold move and should be rewarded. How about the best travel insurance policy? We've got two policy types and four levels of cover to keep our policies flexible. Our single trip travel insurance provides cover for up to 365 days. With this policy you can choose from the following levels of cover:

  • Bronze - provides cancellation cover of £1000 per person, medical cover of £5 million, and £500 baggage cover.
  • Silver - provides £2,500 cancellation cover per person, £10 million medical costs, and £1,500 baggage cover.
  • Gold - provides £5,000 of cancellation cover per person, £2,000 baggage cover, and £10 million in medical cover.
  • Platinum - provides £5,000 of cancellation cover per person, £2,000 personal possessions cover, £10 million in medical cover and £500 personal money, passport and documents cover as well as free cover for gadgets and weddings.

Annual travel insurance

You might be a frequent traveller, taking time out intermittently to see the world. In which case our annual travel insurance may be of benefit to you. It offers the same cover as our single trip policies but, on a multi-trip basis. This means you will benefit from protection for an unlimited amount of trips across 12 months - just make sure your trips don't exceed a maximum of 45 days.

Book your policy

Booking for one is always nice and easy, whether you choose to do so online or via telephone. Simply fill in the quote form above to compare our cover levels and to receive a quote. Or you can place a FREE call to our support team. They'll help you make a booking and provide any further information you might need.

Top tips for independent travel

Choose the right bag - Whether you are travelling as a backpacker or a city sight-seer, your bag becomes your life. The right size and shape will impact on how confident you are travelling. Our HX blog has explores some of the best backpacks for travel.

Battery packs - These are the newer must-have travel essential, varying in prices and styles to suit you budget. They'll keep you charged up and contactable throughout your trip.

Staying safe - Travelling to somewhere you're not used to is a scary prospect but just follow the same safety guidelines as you would travelling alone at home. Be aware of your surrounding, stick to well-lit and busier areas, try not to flash your expensive goods and be aware of pesky pick-pocketers!


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