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Whether you are looking at travel insurance or at travelling abroad, it can be useful to know how the country ranks in terms of medical care. The larger and more wealthy the country, the more likely they are to rank highly regarding medical care as they have more money to invest in services. Compiling the findings from numerous surveys, here is the current information on the best medical care.

Top 5 Countries With The Best Medical Facilities

1. Luxembourg

Luxembourg’s quality health care is evident from its extremely high life expectancy of 82 years old. Luxembourg also rates highly on the Legatum Institute’s Health Sub-Index which is based on compulsory health insurance, a choice of free health providers and fixed costs for all health care services.

2. Singapore

Singapore’s health care is both cheap and efficient, with the Bloomberg Index rating it the most efficient in the world in 2014, with Hong Kong a close second. In fact, Singapore’s health care system is so good that its infant mortality rate is only 1.5 in every 1000 births.

3. Switzerland

Known for its wealth, Switzerland’s health care is universal, and it’s compulsory for everyone to hold health insurance. Your insurance covers you when visiting any doctor and the medical treatment is high quality, with every doctor having access to a computer with internet access to check prescriptions.

4. Japan

Japan has the highest life expectancy in the world at 83. The doctors pay 70% of your medical bills, and there is a free screening for illnesses such as infectious diseases and prenatal care.

5. Netherlands

The Netherlands has two types of health insurance, one which covers basic care and another that covers long-term illnesses. This level of private health care has boosted them to the top of the Euro Consumer Health Index.

Most Expensive Countries For Medical Care

Countries with better health care are often the most expensive. This makes it imperative to take out a comprehensive travel insurance that can cover you both for long-term and minor injuries. Luxembourg has an average hospital bill the equivalent of 2,500 US dollars, but these can be refunded with travel insurance. This shows that although many countries have extensive health care, the countries that invest the most in healthcare often prove to be the most expensive.