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Treat yourself to maximum cover throughout your holiday with a Premium travel insurance policy. Starting from just £50 for a whole years cover*

Time for a holiday? Don't leave uninsured

Holiday Extras want to make sure you, your belongings and your holiday are protected. So, our holiday insurance provides security should the worst happen and sets the scene for a stress-free travel.

Why choose Premium cover?

All of our holiday insurance packages offer excellent cover including End Supplier Failure- meaning you are covered should your airline or hotel close down. Our Premium package shines through providing extensive cover to all of our holidaymakers on both a single trip and annual multi-trip policy. A single trip to Europe for 7 days can cost as little as £1.74 per day. By opting for Premium cover, you are entitled to the same types of cover as Basic Beach cover and Standard cover but with higher protection.

  • Single Trip: we can cover you for one trip of up to 365 days providing you are aged 85 or under.
  • Annual multi-trip: you are entitled to cover for an unlimited amount of trips across 12 months given that each trip does not exceed 31 days. For our customers aged over 74 and with a pre-existing medical condition, we work alongside Latitude insurance to provide competitively-priced comprehensive cover.
Our Premium cover offers a range of premium benefits:
  • £5,000 cancellation cover per person. Cancelling a holiday can sometimes be unavoidable, so we've arranged cover to avoid leaving you out of pocket.
  • £10 million medical cover per person. Should an injury or illness occur, you can focus on the recovery knowing the finances are taken care of as well. This also covers you if you need to be repatriated back to the UK
  • £2,000 personal possessions cover per person. A missing suitcase can make or break a holiday but we can cover the cost of your lost possessions - suitcase included.
  • Missed Flight Insurance - Should you Missed Flight Insurance you can receive cover of up to £300.
  • Lost Passport Insurance - Should you lose your passport you can receive cover of up to £300.
  • Under 18's travel free. We provide free cover for all under 18's accompanied by a paying adult.
  • 24/7 Helpline. We have a friendly support team on hand 24 hours of every day of your holiday to help you through any situation throughout your trip.

We pride our Premium cover policy on its flexibility, so you can make adjustments to suit your needs.
Whether you choose to book via our UK based call centre team or simple online booking system, we offer additional covers to upgrade your Premium package. For example, adrenaline junkies looking to learn the slopes can be protected by adding our winter sports cover - taking care of the hired ski equipment to avalanche cover.

Do you have a pre-existing medical condition?

Choosing the perfect holiday insurance is an important decision for every holidaymaker and here at Holiday Extras we have a great range on offer. Alongside our additional covers, if you have a pre-existing medical condition then we understand that it can be difficult to find an affordable insurance provider. So we have teamed up with Latitude insurance to arrange fairly priced comprehensive cover for our customers aged up to 85 with pre-existing medical conditions.

*Price correct as of June 2018