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If you’re thinking of taking out travel insurance for Budapest, read this guide for the top attractions and useful information for your trip.

Top 5 things to see and do in Budapest

1. Gellert Hill

Over 235 m high, Gellert Hill offers the best views of the river Danube and both the districts of Buda and Pest, as well as being crowned by Budapest’s Statue of Liberty and other noteworthy monuments.

2. Buda Castle

With its vast underground system and galleries and museums, the castle is your one-stop-shop for culture, including the breath-taking architecture that makes it a World Heritage site.

3. Heroes’ Square

The sometimes daunting square is filled with the statues of Hungary’s seven chieftains and other noteworthy parliamentary individuals.

4. St. Stephens Basilica

This vast Roman Catholic Basilica is impressive both inside and out and is the largest church in Hungary. If this is not enough to win you over, the Basilica also holds regular organ concerts.

5. Hungary Parliament Building

Even from the outside, this building is worth visiting! It’s more or less impossible to miss, due to its domination of the skyline of Budapest and its imposing structure on the banks of the Danube.

Is Budapest Safe to Travel to?

Hungary is a generally safe country, however, you should take precautions against crime, especially if you’ll be visiting busy areas, bars, or using public transport, particularly at night.

Is English Spoken in Budapest?

Although the first language is Hungarian, English is often spoken in the capital. However, English is less widely spoken in the countryside.

Do I need Travel Insurance for Hungary?

Although you will be able to use an EHIC in Hungary, for free medical care and facilities, you should still ensure that you take out extensive travel insurance in the event of an airline error or missed flight, for example.

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