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Travel Insurance for Prague

With over a millennia of history to its name, Prague sits as the capital city of the Czech Republic and is widely known as the 'city of one hundred spires'. After London, Paris and Rome, Prague is the fourth most visited city in Europe. For a culturally enriching experience from the former centre of Bohemia you'd be a fool for not venturing to this iconic city in eastern Europe. Or if you're there to sample its world-famous Czech beer, then in our eyes that's a perfectly valid reason too!

Choosing the best policy

Like with all European cities, you still will need to take out a travel insurance policy to cover you and to safeguard your holiday in case something happens along the way. While no one wants to be in the position where you have to claim on your premium, it gives you that added peace of mind to know that you have that safety net should you need to use it.

Until 31 October, we have no concrete answers to what kind of deal (... if any) the UK takes with the EU. For now though, things will continue to run as normal and you will need European cover to avoid any unwanted medical charges or airline failure. However, to learn more about how Brexit will affect travel insurance policies click here for a thorough read.

Baggage cover
Cancellation cover
Medical cover
£5 million
£10 million
£10 million
£10 million
Excess charge
Personal money, Passport,

gadget & wedding cover


Make sure your Czech city break is watertight with a cheap but trustworthy insurance policy. Depending on the total cost of your holiday plus the nature of your trip, you can get a great single-trip plan from *

Prague is a vibrant and historical city bursting with sightseeing opportunities and an interesting past. These top tips will help you to make the most of your experience whilst staying safe.

Our top tips:

    1. Prague Castle

    • With large grounds containing historical wonders such as Golden Lane, Prague Castle is a collaboration of many different architectural styles such as Gothic and Renaissance, giving the castle its uniqueness.

    2. Prague Astronomical clock

    • Crowds gather beneath the astronomical clock on the hour, waiting for its intricate display of the twelve apostles, a beautiful artwork from the middle ages.

    3. The Strahov Monastery

    • If you love books, this 11th-century monastery will fill all your literary needs whilst abroad, with decadent shelve-lined walls and dusty tomes that you could only previously imagine.

    4. The Lennon Wall

      The John Lennon wall has been used for protest art since 1948, and now displays colourful graffiti in the shape of peace slogans and song lyrics.

    5. Kafka Museum

      This museum is as strange as its namesake, with interactive exhibitions and collections of Kafka's letter from his turbulent adulthood.

Best travel insurance

What is the best time to visit Prague?

Although Prague's weather is generally cold, the best time to visit would be either side of the summer, in April-June and September-October as the summer months are extremely crowded, especially in the tourist areas.

Is EHIC valid in Prague?

EHICs are valid in Prague to the level of a citizen of the Czech Republic. However, you must ensure that you understand what treatments are free and what must be done under private health care, which you would have to pay extra for. You can make sure that you are covered for pre-existing medical conditions and other travel concerns by taking out travel insurance, allowing you to have financial protection in an emergency.

Is Prague a safe place to travel to?

Prague is a generally safe place to travel to. However, like most European cities, there is a risk of petty crimes such as pickpockets, especially in crowded tourist areas.

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